We’ve all had those moments of sudden clarity.  The ones where you feel, in a flash, you’ve gained a little glimpse of the “raison d’être” for your existence in this world or the lessons you are suppose to learn from the current strife in your life.  Like most, I’ve had my share of glimpses but it typically takes several (with the same message) before I begin to take them seriously.

A few years ago, I came across a book of essays written by black women from various socio-economic walks of life.  Each woman told stories from their personal lives.  Some were happy, most were not; but all were poignant and powerful in their raw, emotional honesty.  Although impressed, it took a while for me to digest what I had read and understand my responses to it.  Since then, I have watched others show unimaginable courage simply by publicly owning and acknowledging their feelings and fears.  It is a behavior I have begun to mimic and one I hope to master.  So, I look at this blog as a way to keep me focused and honest about my intent; as well as, share the journey with a few others on the same path.

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